ARIAN 'Necking the Night' Premiere at ETHBerlin04

Reciprocating ETHBerlin04’s theme of identity crisis, 'Necking the Night', part of Arian's forthcoming Teilkunstwerk, ‘Mithraion,’ continues where the artist’s previous works, FISKs: Integral Sprawl (Miami Art Week 2022) and Wraithportrait (Sein Porträt) (CADAF NYC 2022), left off. The point of departure for all three works is the seemingly endless ‘sprawl’ initiated by the artist ever since leaving Germany, after completion of his time as artist-in-residence at the Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, which has rendered his whereabouts a subject of perpetual study. Organized by Refraction DAO and the Department of Decentralization, the event takes place on Saturday, 25th May 2024, 11-17h.

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